Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Day

It was a day at church this morning. Our Pastor of Worship (also choir director) was on vacation. No problem -- the organist shifted over to direct the choir. We've got a great backup organist. But... she called in sick. Trouble.

Our senior pastor started off the early service, and noticed part way through that the battery on the handheld mic was almost dead. She had to run out for a replacement, so I covered the rest of her part. And I covered for the song leader -- the Pastor of Worship usually does that. We got through that service.

Then is Sunday school. We're doing a unit on The Matrix from Reel Faith. Unfortunately, my co-teacher lost the curriculum book this week. I had already set up the clips, so we figured to watch them before class and come up with some questions on our own. He was the designated leader this morning. However, despite my best efforts, I somehow failed to leave the house with the DVD. My partner punted a lesson while I went to practice organ -- I'd been recruited to accompany the choir at the second service.

Now, my organ chops are pretty weak, and I haven't played in quite some time. So putting together an anthem in a little less than an hour was a bit of a challenge. I even ended up doing some of the choir rehearsal. It turned out pretty well, though. And it was actually quite fun to play.

Then, after church, I led a meeting with representatives from all 10 adult Sunday school classes. Our classes are growing, and their started to feel cramped. I called the meeting to try to come up with a room assignment solution that would work for everyone. It had the potential to be very contentious. However, it went better than I could have expected, thanks to some good planning, a lot of prayer, and some compassionate hearts.

Like I said, it was a day.


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You are a hero, noble youth. :) Mary Ann

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