Saturday, March 26, 2005

Church Community in a Postmodern Age

My friend, Brian, over at The Faithful Skeptic has been having a great conversation about the nature of church community in a world in which concepts of community are changing radically. Check it out. Part I and Part II.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I very much enjoyed your comment about recognizing all missions of congregants-- I've thought for some years that more than a few pastors assume that church members do no useful work of God unless they do so through the church. (Actually, I think that developing a congregation of members who would take every single person they met seriously as a valuable child of God would be a tremendous success!)

As a concept, intentional communities make me rather itchy, but it would all depend on the breadth and generosity of the intention, I suppose....

See you tomorrow!

Mary Ann

7:24 AM  
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