Friday, April 22, 2005

The Meatrix

My housemates Nikki and Keith turned me on to The Meatrix not long ago. This is a must-see. Check it out before you read the rest of my post.

What Is The Meatrix?

A couple years back there was a huge to-do in my home conference of Oregon-Idaho over a labor dispute between NORPAC, a food packing corporation, and PCUN, an unrecognized union of farm workers. The debate quickly devolved into a battle between those who supported the workers and those supported family farmers. What I heard very little of is the fact that these two groups have a common enemy: Agri-business. Factory farms are bad for farm workers, for family farms, for farming communities, for the environment, for consumers, and for animals. This is an issue that should be taken up by conservatives and liberals alike. Whether you're pro-environment or pro-family-business, agri-business is a bad thing. Technology is not always the answer to our problems. Sometimes the good old-fashioned way is still the best way.


Blogger Brian said...

That's cool! We do most of our shopping at a place called New Seasons (it's on the list of good places to shop from the Meatrix). But we're very lucky to have a place near us and also that we make enough money to afford to pay extra for it. Most of the rest of the community is out of luck on one or both counts.

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