Monday, March 27, 2006

OR-ID Appointments IV

Some new appointments were announced today (including mine). Here's the new list:

Scott Harkness: Connectional Ministries
Donna Pritchard: Southern District Superintendent
Robert Flaherty: Eastern District Superintendent
David King: Coos Bay
Jim Fellers: Corvallis
Jeremy Hajdu-Paulen: Dallas
Ruth Marsh: Florence
Gwen Drake: Hillsboro
Dan Benson: John Day/Prairie City
Larry Ward: Portland, Capitol Hill
David Bean: Portland, Cherry Park
Brett Stroebel: Portland, Christ Church
Daryl Blanksma: Roseburg

It's kind of interesting that two of the new appointments, Florence and Roseburg, are near Coos Bay. I know and really like Ruth and Daryl, so it will be nice to work with them.

And now I'm wondering who's going to Seaside, Daryl's current appointment.


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