Saturday, June 18, 2005

New Plan

Well, we think that we've figured out our new plan. At least, this is the leading candidate at the moment. We're going to put the adoption process on hold for the moment. Instead of staying in Denver for two more years, we'll stay just one. New rules in the 2004 Discipline mean that I can be eligible for probationary membership by the next annual conference. I'll accept an appointment somewhere in Oregon (I'll ask for one in Oregon). Melissa might look for a permenant position, but will likely substitute teach. We will then continue the adoption process with Holt in Oregon.

I like this plan because it seems to have nice smooth transitions and quite a lot more stability for the child.


Blogger Brian said...

Cool! One problem, though. You need to request a position in NORTHWEST Oregon. Anywhere else is pretty much unacceptable (from my perspective, anyway). And speaking of NW Oregon, I know of a couple great appointments suspiciously near where we happen to live. If you need me to call the DS or Bishop, just let me know. =)

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Brian! I view David's absence from Colorado as unacceptable! Sadly inevitable, though. :)

David, your plan sounds sensible, especially sicne you and Melissa are so young and juicy. If it will be pleasant rather than torment, please share Thomas Chun Woo in the meanwhile? He's a peach. :)

Love, Mary Ann

4:33 PM  
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