Thursday, June 09, 2005


Results are in on the Constitutional Ammendments. If the national votes end up at 2/3, they pass. The results of our voting on the numbered ammendments are as follows:

1. 390-5
2. 391-5
3. 393-3
4. 383-11
5. 378-15
6. 387-8
7. 395-5
8. 224-188

Again, those can be found here.

We have a report from the United Methodist Publishing House -- Cokesbury. It was presented by Lynne Kersten, who's the manager of Cokesbury Seattle. We're giving their check to the Central Conference Pension Fund.

The Board of Pensions reported. We passed the the initial recommendations of the Board. We then discussed the releasing of names for a mailing from John Hancock. This would be in conjuction with the General Board of Pensions. The General Board has agreed to work with John Hancock. We are having a hard time getting the vote on this. Tellers had to be called in. It was 184-171. We adopted the Ministerial Pension Plan.

Next came the Northwest House of Theological Studies Report by Dick Francios, Kempton Hewitt, and Lane McGaughey. Dick thanked us for financial support. He thanked us for prayers. He thanked us for students. He thanked the Bishop for being on the Board of Directors. He thanked Willamette for use of space and library free of charge. NHTS is working hard on an ecumenical consortium. They're working on more programs for laity education. Lane honored Kempton as he is retiring from the House. Kempton spoke for a few moments about the history and vision of the House.

Rev. Bill Gates then presented the Denman Evangelism Award. They were awarded to Bob and Rachael Chavez, working with Klamath Native American communities, and Noel Morfin, pastor of Magic Valley Hispanic Ministries.

Ned Miller presented the Torch Award for adult leaders of scouting programs to Marvin L. Wolf from Witney UMC.

Jay Rundell brought greetings from Bishop Warren and the Rocky Mountain Conference, from Iliff School of Theology, and from President Phil Wogaman.

Amy Edwards gave a report from Young Adult Ministries. She asked the Conference to Intentionally include young adults in all parts of Conference life. We're ready and waiting. Just Ask!

Bishop Hoshibata asked for names of those we know who are serving in Iraq and environs.

We prayed for the Oregon Legislature on our way to legislative sessions.


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