Thursday, June 09, 2005


Equitable Compensation reported. They recommend 2.96% increase in minimum salary for new appointments, which is $27,000 (Elders in Full Connection), $25,650 (Probationary Members), $24,300 (Local Pastor), plus $100 boost per year of service up to 10 years. They also want to increase some of the stipends, etc.

Now it's time for the UM General Constitutional Ammendments. They can be found here. We voted on them each individually and by paper ballot.

Then we had the report from the Episcopacy Committee. We re-welcomed the new Bishop. He got a round of applause. The committee is excited about Bishop Hoshibata. Pat Breen (sp?), the Bishop's Administrative Assistant was also honored.

Next came the Board of Trustees report, by Brian Nelson-Munson. They are seeking confirmation of the selling of Church property at Estacada. District Superintendent Kate Conolly explained that there is no longer a congregation at Estacada. There don't seem to be any options for that property at this time. We voted to sell and to give the proceeds to the Western District for emerging ministry in Estacada. We offered a prayer for the hard decision and for all the ministry that has happened in Estacada.

Now we are moving to a time of worship. We sant Out of the Depths. We heard the story of Lazarus. We had a ritual of naming our fears, those things that bind us. And we had a ritual of unbinding. Then we continued in worship to with the reading of Extension Ministry appointments, starting with the District Superintendents.

The Bishop introduced his wife, Greta. She got a standing ovation before addressing the Conference. She seems like a wonderful, strong woman.

Then the Bishop presented The Bishop's Award for overall laity service. It was awarded to Marilyn Outslay from First Church Portland. She's sitting right next to me. She has quite a list of accomplishments and has been quite a servant of the church.

Then, other award were recognized. Three were given from UMW to Bonnie Knight, Teresa Salier, and Carol Brown. The Jason Lee Award for Excellence in Media Communication was given to Computer Ministries at Rose City Park in Portland. They have a community computer lab. They've been instrumental in getting working computers to every church in the Conference. Finally, Church World Service gave awards to three local churches.

We got out for lunch several minutes late at 12:20.


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