Monday, August 20, 2007


I just went to my 10 year reunion for South Salem High School. It was a very interesting experience. I was really surprized by how few people there were. Out of a graduating class of about 350, I'll bet there were only 60 graduates there. There were an aweful lot of people that I was looking forward to reconnecting with that just weren't there. I guess now I'll have to wait another 10 years.

It was great to see those who were there. I ended up with a rather different impression of how high school went.


Anonymous Mary Ann said...

How I wish you'd been more expansive in that last paragraph! Now I'm all curious.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Roadtripray said...

Yes, I'm curious also what you mean by how your perceptions have changed.

This year would have been my 20th high school reunion, but I don't think there was enough interest to have one. I think high school reunions are largely an anachronism. The younger generations don't have the same sense of community that our parents and grandparents had.

I think this has implications for the church, as well. It's not as important to make personal connections these days. Gone is the era when people would look for a church and other social ties immediately upon moving into a community. Reaching the "unchurched" is getting more complicated.

1:29 PM  
Blogger david said...

My memories of high school weren't all that great. I spent those four years with a lot of fear, whether it was founded or not. I was scared of a lot of people in my class, and I really did perceive of many of them as threats to my safety. The one's who weren't a physical danger could often be counted on to deride and belittle. What was surprising about the reunion is that it was so civil and people were so collegial. I didn't feel nearly as threatened as I had expected to.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Mary Ann said...

Well, that sounds thoroughly hideous. I'm so glad you came through high school so well-- and that the reunion didn't pose as much of a trial!

8:10 PM  

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