Tuesday, April 11, 2006

OR-ID Appointments V

A few more appointments came out. Here's the current list:

Scott Harkness: Connectional Ministries
Donna Pritchard: Southern District Superintendent
Robert Flaherty: Eastern District Superintendent
David King: Coos Bay
Jim Fellers: Corvallis
Courtney McHill: Corvallis Associate
Jeremy Hajdu-Paulen: Dallas
Ruth Marsh: Florence
Gwen Drake: Hillsboro
Dan Benson: John Day/Prairie City
Larry Ward: Portland, Capitol Hill
David Bean: Portland, Cherry Park
Brett Stroebel: Portland, Christ Church
Daryl Blanksma: Roseburg
Christina Fridel: Seaside

I'm really excited for my friend Courtney and her appointment to Corvallis. I'm sure she's going to do great work with their new emergent worship program, and everything else too.

Oh, Deanna and Paul Self-Price are getting ΒΆ346 appointments to the Desert Southwest Conference.


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