Monday, June 26, 2006


I got my first wedding request today. Someone from outside the church. I was a bit surprised. Thought for sure it would be a funeral before a wedding. But with funerals you don't the option of declining, which you do with a wedding. I think I'm inclined to do it so long as they do the whole counseling thing, but I don't have any real resources for doing that. I'll try to get some research done before I have to call them back.


Anonymous Brian said...

You mean you're not an expert on everything? What were doing for three years in Denver?

Just kidding... just give them a couple of Dr. Laura books and they'll be fine. :) Maybe ask them to watch Dr. Phil every day for a week or two. That should fill in all the gaps.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Taylor Burton-Edwards said...

Br David,

Let me suggest you contact Br Tom Beveridge-- he's our Pastoral Care officer with the Order of Saint Luke. He's a licensed therapist as well as a pastor and could (and would probably be delighted to!) give you first rate guidance. I'd be glad to offer my approach as well--

Contact me for Br Tom's email...

Peace in Christ,

Br Taylor
Prior for the CyberChapter
The Order of Saint Luke and
Director of Worship Resources
The General Board of Discipleship

12:15 AM  
Blogger Jim said...

History Trivia for non-Dummies Blog

Why Grooms Carry Brides across the Threshold
The historical tradition of a groom carrying his bride across the threshold is over 3,000 years old.

It is based on the Rape of the Sabine Women. When you go back this far in history it can become hard to tell myth from history, but the story is an ancient one whose tradition has carried down to the present day.

As newly founded Rome grew in size, its founder Romulus discovered that he had many men but very few women, and that the male population of immigrants to the city was growing rapidly. The Sabines were a people who lived near Rome. They refused to let their daughters intermarry with Romans.

Romulus invited the Sabines to attend games in honor of Neptune in Rome. When they did, bringing their daughters with them, the Romans carried off the young Sabine women, on a pre-arranged signal given by Romulus.

A war between the Sabines and the Romans began. In order to stop the war that began over them the young, kidnapped women intervened. They convinced their Sabine fathers to cease their attack and allow their marriages to the Romans.

The Sabine women attached several conditions to their agreement to marry the Roman men, however. The most noteworthy was that the Roman husband had to carry his Sabine bride across the threshold of their new home.

The ritual was to symbolize that initially the Sabine women were forcibly taken by the Roman men against their will into their homes.

That is the historical reason why bridegrooms still carry their brides across the threshold today. The ritual still takes place after our modern weddings, though most people don't know why they do it. Now you know why.

Source: History of Rome, Livy

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