Monday, May 01, 2006

Reflections on Coos Bay

I'm finally starting to get over the cold enough to be able to reflect cogently. Melissa and I have been in Coos Bay for just under two days now. The weather has been really nice while we've been here: sunny most of the time. The town/area seems nice. It's big enough to have just about everything one would need. There's passable shopping. A nice medical complex. People seem friendly.

Visited the church. The sanctuary is beautiful. It seems like a wonderful worship space. They even have a processional cross, though I doubt they use it for processions very often, if at all. There's a nice office space. The pastor's office is in a converted classroom. I definitely going to have to paint it, but it's quite spacious with lots of shelf space and windows. There is a lot of classroom space; almost none of it is being used. Great fellowship hall downstairs with a quite functional kitchen, though a remodel is in the works. We rent space to a Jewish congregation: Mayim Shalom. I look forward to meeting the rabbi.

Had dinner with the folks from the SPRC committee. They seem great. Really wonderful people. I look forward to working with them. I think they're a little down about the church's prospects, but that's not uncommon.

Melissa is interviewing today. The teaching prospects look quite good. She might even have a job lined up before we move.

Saw the outside of the parsonage. It seems like a big house: split level two story. What we could see of it looks nice. It's kind of tucked away on a hillside, so it's hard to see much of the house. It's really close to the big city park, which is nice. About a half mile from the church, which is about perfect. I guess there's already a piano in the house, so we'll probably put our piano in my church office. And they're going to be putting in all new appliances, so that will be great.

It's great to be around all the water. The bay is close. It's a little farther to get to an ocean beach, but it's quite nice when you get there.

Visited the closest Methodist Church: North Bend. Nice church with nice folks. The pastor seems like someone who will be good to work with. Hopefully we can coordinate on some programs.

Overall, it looks good. It will be a bit of an adjustment from Denver, but I think I'll get used to it pretty quickly. I'm looking forward to moving.


Anonymous Brian said...

I'm glad you're having a good trip. We're definitely getting some good weather over the last couple of days. Did you get the crazy rain storm on Saturday?

I'm glad to hear you're feeling good about where you're going.

3:49 PM  

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