Sunday, November 11, 2007

In Bangalore

We made it to Bangalore. Due to a couple of miscommunications, there first few hours here did not go according to plan at all. There was a mixup with the driver that was supposed to pick us up at the airport. And there was also a mixup about where we would be staying. So we ended up taking a taxi to the wrong hotel. We were about to get settled in there, though, and we got ahold of VCT, our agency, by phone. Mary, the director of VCT, came over to our hotel and straightened everything out. We did spend the first night there. Then this morning, the VCT driver picked us up, took us to church at St. Mark's Cathedral (Church of South India), and took us to the new hotel.

It's actually more of an apartment. We have a private room above, with a private bathroom. There is a beautiful living room below, with nice seating, TV, newspapers, etc. I'm writing this from the next room, an office, where we have access to a computer. Next to me, there is also a dining room, where we'll be having some of our meals. There is also laundry facility. It's all really very nice. And we're right on Mahatma Gandhi Road, in the hip, touristy part of town. Easy access to ATM, restaurants, and shopping. About a block away from the cathedral. I'm going to see if I can buy a copy of the Book of Common Worship for the CSI.

The church service this morning was wonderful. It was in English, which was helpful. They were observing Remembrance Day, the international version of what we call Veterans Day in the USA. The sermon was on Matthew 21, the sheep and goats. It was a really good sermon about peace and being a self-sacrificing force for justice and peace in the world. Wonderful. I'll try to write more about it later.

In the afternoon we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant just around the corner. Then we walked down MG Road and checked out the shops. I am proud to say I have now visited an iStore, the Indian version of an Apple Store. I didn't buy anything there, though. But we did visit a great little clothing shop. The staff was very helpful, and we ended up getting some great traditional outfits. Two each for Melissa and I and four for Karthik. His outfits are super cute. We got him a nice white one for his baptism.

Will write more later.


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